Tax Deferral

Dealer-Facilitated Installment Sale

Robert C. Duncan, JD, CPA, CGMA, MBA, MIM, CA RE Broker and founder of Duncan Law | Duncan Tax, has for more than 40 years specialized in solving capital gains and other tax problems when real estate, a business or other capital assets are sold. 

We can review the options available by which you can solve the tax problem when you sell your asset — and receive much more at close of escrow than you might think possible.

This is the only CASH sale that utilizes the Installment method of accounting to defer the recognition of a gain and related taxes for one or more years, conserves capital, and guarantees scheduled installment payments.

C-Corporations also benefit from this structured installment sale solving the double-tax problem for corporate earnings. 

Safely defer taxes on the sale of a business for months or several years.  Prior to closing, and with the personal assistance of Robert C. Duncan, together you will structure payments that meet your needs. 

We invite you to call today 916-797-7436 to schedule your complimentary Pre-Sale Tax Analysis with Robert C. Duncan and learn how most services for this transaction are provided with no out of pocket costs!

Don’t let the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board confiscate your hard-earned gain or keep you from enjoying your retirement

Be a Seller that decides when and how to pay the tax!

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